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The use of Soft Systems Methodology (Ssm) in Evaluating the Tourism Industry in Nigeria: Prospects and Challenges (Published)

The Nigerian tourism industry boasts of potentials capable of generating significant investments toward economic development. However, these potentials are undeveloped as several factors militate against them. This paper applied the Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) in evaluating the Nigerian tourism industry and proffered solutions accordingly. The following factors were found to be militating against tourism in Nigeria: Low level of demand mainly caused by poor perception of tourism in Nigeria; Inadequate publicity and negative media reports; Inadequate measures to attract private investors; Poor infrastructure/Insufficient tourism facilities; Poor manpower; Problem of land acquisition; Poor management information systems; Apathy of many Nigerians toward tourism; Security risk and Economic instability. Based on these, the paper concludes thatnecessary frameworks for structural change and adequate regulation will more effectively support the tourism industry. Consequently, the paper recommends among other things that owners and actors in the tourism sector should use diplomatic ties, foreign media, and business forums to attract foreign and local investors into the industry. Government should collaborate with stakeholders to develop adequate infrastructure that supports the industry’s growth. Prospective investors should be encouraged through incentives such as tax holidays, excise-duty-free grants, certificate of occupancies etc. Tourism related courses should not only be introduced in institutions of higher learning in the country but sponsored even abroad. International collaborations, joint military actions (JTF) and stakeholders’ involvement should be utilized in providing adequate security. Management teams should embark on active campaigns to encourage in-country tourism; while developing strategies for adequate tourism information management system.

Keywords: Hospitality, Soft Systems Methodology and Stakeholders, Tourism