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Genetic Transformation Of Phalaenopsis Amabilis With Resistance To Soft Rot Disease, Herbicide And Glowing In The Dark By Particle Bombardment Method (Published)

Genetic transformation of Phalaenopsis amabilis has been performed. We used particle bombardment method. The tungstens were coated with DNA (plasmid containing wasabi and bar gene, and co-plasmid containing luc gene). The purpose of this study is for crop improvement of ornamental plant. We obtained 27 transgenic P. amabilis. It is resistance to soft rot disease, herbicide and glowing in the dark. Interestingly, one of the transgenic plant propagated by itself. To the best of our knowledge, a concurent shot of wasabi and bar gene together with a luciferase gene is reported as a first study in this research.

Keywords: Bombardment Method, DNA, Genetic Transformation, Soft Rot Disease