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Relationship of Sodium Carbonate SRC with Some Physicochemical, Rheological and Gelatinization Properties of Flour and Its Impact on End Quality of Biscuit (Published)

Chemists are always in search of simple, rapid and inexpensive tests to replace time consuming, uneconomical and complex instrumental analysis. The present paper describes exploring possibilities of sodium carbonate Solvent retention capacity (SCSRC) test association with some physicochemical and rheological properties of flour in view of their sorption capacities. The results illustrated that SCSRC values based on flour’s multiple characteristics such as swelling power, water absorption, hydrophilicity and structural diversity of hydrophilic polymers affected rheological behaviour that predict end quality of biscuit. It was found that SCSRC was negatively correlated with flour moisture content and positively associated with water absorption capacity. Flour particle size (<125µm) also showed similar positive correlation. Farinograph’s other parameters were also significantly predictive considering only SCSRC value. Glutomatic proteins were not found associated with SCSRC. In conclusion it may be derived that SCSRC test stands parallel to some cumulative results achieved from Farinograph, MVAG and Kernelyzer.

Keywords: Biscuit, Chemist, Gelatinization Flour, Physicochemical, Rheological, Sodium Carbonate