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Towards A More Cohesive Society: An Evaluation of Organizational Roles in Alleviating Social Disagreement in Urban (Non-Camp) Areas in Jordan (Published)

The purpose of this article is to evaluate the service delivery provided by international non-governmental and local organizations in the North of Jordan in terms of how these services have changed from the onset of the Syrian refugee crisis until the time of writing. Specifically, it will illustrate how services have changed as a result of development needs related to sustainability – for example, with refugees seeking livelihood and employability opportunities more than regulatory aid (as was the case during the immediate onset of the crisis).

Keywords: Social Disagreement, Sociology, Syria Crisis, ethnography, refugees

Contributions and Challenges of Entrepreneurship in Nigeria: A Sociological Analysis (Published)

Entrepreneurship is an area that has attracted the interest of various researchers, academics, government as well as private individuals. To this end, researchers in this field have adopted multidisciplinary approach in the study of entrepreneurship. One of the disciplines that has shown a heightened interest in the study of entrepreneurship is sociology. Thus, this work adopts a sociological approach in investigating the contributions and challenges of entrepreneurship to the socio-economic development of Nigeria.

Keywords: Development, Entrepreneurship, Social entrepreneurship, Socio-Economic Environment, Sociology