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The Impact of Parents’ Socioeconomic Status on Academic Performance of Grade Twelve Students: In Case of Dire Dawa City, Ethiopia (Published)

Education is essential for the development of society. The more educated the people of a society are, the more civilized and well-disciplined. Mainly, family has responsibility to socialize children for making them productive members of society. The main objective of this study was to analyze the impact of parents’ socioeconomic status on academic achievement in case of grade twelve students. From three governmental secondary schools, there were 482 total numbers of students in 2017/2018 academic year and included in the study. Both primary and secondary source of data were used. To examine the impact of parents’ socioeconomic status on academic achievement dummy variables multiple regressions was employed to analyze data. The results of final fitted model shows that family size, average monthly income, parents’ occupation  and educational level have statistically significant contribution for students’ academic achievement at 5% level of significance. It can be concluded that family size has negative impact on the academic performance of students. Similarly, poor parents may have inadequate or limited resources that promote and support children’s development and school readiness. It can be recommended community and government should work together on family planning and effective contraceptive use. Additionally, unemployment rate should be minimized through creating job opportunities.

Keywords: : Academic Performance, dummy variables multiple regression, socioeconomic status