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Incorporating Sociocultural Theory into Second Language Reading Instruction: A Unit Plan for EFL Learners (Review Completed - Accepted)

The paper tries to incorporate the sociocultural theory into a unit plan of a second language (L2) reading course. It aims to prove that a language socialization paradigm would be more appropriate to shape L2 learners’ reading abilities. The paper first introduced the definition and relevant studies on sociocultural theory and L2 reading, and then summarized some interactive studies between the two subjects. Then, the paper designed a unit plan, which covered several themes of the sociocultural theory, like collaborative scaffolding, self-regulation and mediated learning experience. Five successive lesson plans within the unit were then elaborated, with various tasks embedded in each one. All the tasks were designed according to the selected themes, namely, matching game, final word game and jigsaw activity served as the examples of collaborative scaffolding; tasks like scanning and skimming information in the timeline involved self-regulation; and activities of read-with-songs and read-by-role-play embodied the tenet of mediated learning experience. After the five lesson plans, the paper made its reflection and explained the reasons for the design of the tasks in each lesson plan. Implication for the future studies suggested more experiments be implemented to prove the effectiveness of sociocultural theory in the L2 reading classroom.

Keywords: Sociocultural Theory; L2 Reading; A Unit Plan; Lesson Plans