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Challenges of Internally Displased Persons (IDPS) in Bakassi IDP Camps in Cross River State: The Roles of Social Workers and Non-Governmental Agencies (Published)

Displacement remains arguably the most significant humanitarian challenge globally, as the number of IDPs continues to increase. This study, examines the challenges of internally displaced persons in Bakassi IDP camp in Cross River State in Nigeria, the roles of social workers, government and non-governmental organization.150 respondents from the 4 blocks in Bakassi IDP camp in Cross River state were surveyed using availability sampling technique. 100% returned questionnaires were analysed using bar, pie and line charts, while Indebt Interview complimented the quantitative data.Finding from this study revealed that IDPs face overwhelming challenges in Bakassi IDP camp. The respondents were positive on Social workers and NGOs meaningful contributions to the IDPs, but on the negative, they emphasised the need for an improved intervention.The findings provided a better understanding of the challenges faced by IDPs and the roles of social workers and NGOs therein. Thus, suggesting the need for a collaborative effort in ameliorating their plight.

Keywords: Collaboration, Internally Displaced Persons, Non-Governmental Organizations, Roles, social work