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Role of Social Trust in Urban Development (Case Study: Zahedan City) (Published)

Social trust is one of the most important aspects of human relationship that is the basis for cooperation between members of the community. Social trust will enhance the cooperation in the economic, social, political and cultural fields and will increase the willingness of people to work with different groups of population. The target of the current research is surveying the role of social confidence in urban development of Zahedan. The type of the research is corresponding and in order to analyze data the regression model was used. The population in the research include all of the Zahedan citizens and the population of the sample, based on Cochran formula, is 384 people in which individuals were selected randomly. For collecting the data of the research social confidence and urban development questionnaires were used. The questionnaires’ reliability was confirmed by Cronbach’s Alpha. The questionnaires were distributed among the sample population and then collected. The collected data was analyzed by SPSS.V20 software. The results show that from the perspective of the citizens of Zahedan city, there is a significant positive relationship between social trust and urban development.

Keywords: Development, Urban Development, Zahedan, social trust