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A Brief Discussions of Rural Development Impact on Social Aspect Bangladesh (Published)

This work aims at restoring the importance of social sciences within Bangladeshi communities. It also aims at creating a sort of deep interest or devotion among Bangladeshi researchers leading them to go deep into local knowledge and get inspiration in order to develop theories adapted to the realities of their societies. It demonstrates in a practical way the usefulness of the social sciences in any development enterprise. Being true that rural Bangladeshi com-munities are laboratories where indigenous techniques are developed, then, Bangladeshi researchers must use appropriate approaches to analyse that social facts place them at the centre of any scientific action. They must go and meet the locals (Bangladeshi men) at their site of knowledge where creation and invention are made in order to produce scientific knowledge able to induce social transformation. The indigenization of research itself is a scientific approach dealing with cultural facts whose investigation tools must necessarily contribute to knowledge production directly usable for the targeted social group. Therefore this article is a plea for endogenous research that development policies often ignore.

Keywords: Development Policies, Indigenization, Rural Communities, Rural area-Bangladesh, Social sciences

Analysis of Major Research Approaches in Social Sciences (Published)

This paper discusses quantitative and qualitative research methods with relevant examples as the major research approaches in social sciences. It objectively analyses these research methods, highlighting their types, characteristics, strength and weaknesses. The paper concludes with summations that much can and have actually been achieved when researchers in the various fields of social sciences themselves use their ingenuity to determine carefully when to use them individually and when to use in combination.

Keywords: Qualitative approach., Quantitative approach, Research Methods, Research approaches, Social sciences