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Towards a framework to create shared value partnerships in the community Evidence from Egypt (Published)

Government and non-government organizations (NGOs) basic reaction to the pace and scale of international changes has been a hesitancy to recognize adequately the need to modify themselves. Problems tend to be interdependent as well as bundled, needing thorough approaches as well as common participation. On the other hand, the private sector in developing countries providing on average 60 per cent of GDP, 80 per cent of capital flows and 90 per cent of jobs. As a result, a solid along with vital private sector is essential for help Developing countries move from associations depending on aid towards types depending on economic partnerships. Consequently, developing a collaboration dependent upon creating shared value (CSV) credo by using the private sector – rather than the conventional social responsibility approach- is a must to increase the impact involving aid investments while bringing in business growth. Hence, such paper aims to depict the suitable framework to create shared value policies and practices that enhance the competitiveness of private sector companies while simultaneously advancing the economic and social conditions in the communities in which they operate. Moreover, it tends to detect barriers impeding the realization of such framework; and the needed pillars to overcome such barriers in developing countries as Egypt.

Keywords: Egyptian community, Social Responsibility, creating shared value, partnerships


Green marketing, also known as Environmental marketing or Ecological marketing, includes all the marketing activities of the firm, starting from conceiving the product idea to the actual sale of the product, which are designed with the objective to either create a positive impact or reduce the negative impact of its products on the environment. This is done in order to cash in on growing customers’ concern about environmental degradation. Simply stated, green marketing sells the idea of relatively superior environmental characteristics of a company’s product and service offerings.

Keywords: Competitive Advantage, Green Marketing, Social Responsibility

Corporate Governance: Actual and Aspirations, and Ethical Commitments-A field study-on Private Northern Jordanian Universities (The higher education sector – Jordan) (Review Completed - Accepted)

The study aims to investigate the reality of governance, and to which degree is the concept actually applied in the Jordanian Private Universities. To achieve the objective of the study, a questionnaire was developed for data collection which consisted of four sections, and was distributed to all members of the sample, which amounted to (250) individuals representing five private universities .The data was analyzed using (SPSS) based on the average, standard deviations regression analyses and correlation coefficient of T and F.

The study major results are the following: There is a positive medium degree of satisfaction for Governance application in the private universities, and participation of decision making was low.

The study came up with the following recommendations: work on activating the reality of governance, related concepts, as well as working to maintain spirit of justice, equality and value of the accountability, transparency, participation, and development of the constructive spirit of citizenship committed to ethics, motivate and encourage college faculties to respond to and interact with such type of studies.


Keywords: Business Ethics, Governance, Social Responsibility, Stake holder, Transparences, University governance