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Lessons from Themes in Professor Johnbull Nigerian Television Drama Season – 4 Episode 9 (Street School) Towards Curtailing Child Abuse in African Societies. (Published)

Television is a medium through which society is well informed about social reform, social re-engineering and social orientation because of the tenacious relevance of its audio-visual influence on the viewers. What people think about nearly every issue be it politics, religion, government, fashion, culture, is almost exclusively influenced by television. Thus, this study examines lessons on re-orientation of the African Society towards curtailing Child Abuse from themes in Professor Johnbull Television Drama, Season 4-Episode nine (Street School). The study identifies various themes of child abuse in the television drama episode using qualitative research approach of textual content analysis through Video preview and review of themes in Prof. Johnbull Television Drama. The study applied the social cognitive theory as well as framing theory. Data were gathered using a researcher –designed instrument named “Video Content Analysis Checklist on Social Orientation and Themes and Framings (VCACSOTF)”. Findings from the study revealed that vulnerable children suffer maltreatment such as: Sexual abuse, forced child labour in form of street trading/hawking and child trafficking which is a major setback to the realization of child right act on education in Africa. It recommends that similar Television series and programmes should be produced, identified and sponsored regularly on African Television networks such that social orientation against all forms of child abuse could be spread through various broadcast media just as it is being propagated in Professor Johnbull TV drama episode titled ‘Street School’. Further, government in Africa should assist in giving scholarships to indigent and vulnerable street children and that those who participate in child abuse be prosecuted.

Citation: Akintoye, Festus Ayodimeji and Otunla, Adekunle   Olusola (2022) Lessons from Themes in Professor Johnbull   Nigerian Television Drama Season – 4 Episode 9 (Street School) Towards Curtailing Child Abuse in African Societies,   International Journal of International Relations, Media and Mass Communication Studies,  Vol.8, No.2, pp.69-91


Keywords: Child abuse, Professor Johnbull Television Drama Series., Social re- orientation, Themes