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Social Performance of Saudi Higher Education Institutions in the Light of Vision 2030: The International Indicators for Social Responsibility Assessment- A Model (Published)

In the light of National Transformation Program 2030 and Vision 2030, their objectives and initiatives for developing the Higher Education institutions in order to cope with their stated strategies thereof; this paper provides an analysis of Higher Education goals stated in Education Policy Document. The paper highlights the vision’s objectives for establishing a dynamic society with prosperous environment. It also examines Strategic Plan of developing the educational environment in the Saudi Society, through improving the social performance of Saudi Higher Education institutions in the light of the International Indicators for Social Responsibility Assessment, assuring the correspondence between the KSA Vision 2030 and I objectives included therein. The paper concluded to a number of recommendations for activating the social responsibility of Saudi Universities in order to achieve Vision 2030, such as: it is necessary for the Saudi university to take the initiative to focus on the future issues in Higher Education, serious thinking about more profound association between the scientific research programs and post- studies in Saudi universities and the environment and society issues. The study concluded to a number of recommendations for activating the Social Responsibility (SR) of Saudi universities to achieve Vision 2030. The study also recommended university participation in achieving KSA Vision 2030 by: focusing on the future issues in Higher Education, serious thinking in developing university curriculum and teaching methodology to cope with those objectives, so that contributing to improving the social performance of Saudi universities and promoting their social responsibility in the light of the International Indicators for Social Responsibility Assessment.

Keywords: Higher Education Institutions, KSA vision 2030, Social Performance, Social Responsibility, international indicators.

Can Social Responsibility of Citizen Firm Be Conditioned Financial Prosperity? (Published)

Based on a specific sample, which is sustainable citizen companies along the period 2002-2007, we examine – in pool and descriptive studies – financial, and social characteristics of these firms. Our findings identify several important facts. This causal analysis has allowed us, in a great measure, to conclude that these corporate citizens appear to use diverse strategies and synergies to meet social demands in order to improve financial performance through instrumental commitment. The reward of social investment is made ​​in the long term, whereas if the company is prosperous and if managers are ready to meet social demands then it will be immediately recognized by rating agencies in their evaluation process. Also there is no a unanimous conclusion about the relationship between the social and the financial.

Keywords: Social Performance, financial performance earning management, negative synergy., positive synergy, sustainable citizenship

Effect of Social and Environmental Performance Financial Performance of the Company (Published)

The purpose of this study is an attempt to explain the test empirically, social performance and environmental performance to financial performance (relevant, accurate, timely and complete) to develop a theoretical framework as the basis for the hypothesis as an answer to the research question, namely, the extent to which mamana: ( 1) the effects of social performance against the financial performance, (2) the effect on the environment performance to financial performance. Corporate social responsibility or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an idea that makes the company no longer faced with the responsibility that rests on a single bottom line is the value of the company is reflected in its financial condition, but the responsibility of the company should be based on the triple bottom lines which also pay attention to the dimensions of economic, social and environment that will guarantee the value of the company to grow in a sustainable manner.

Keywords: Environmental Performance, Financial Performance, Social Performance