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Path Analysis of Social Organizations Participating In National Governance (Published)

With the continuous deepening of reform and opening up, China’s social management tasks are becoming increasingly heavy, the main body of national governance is moving from one to multiple. Social organizations in China have gradually developed and expanded in national governance and play a more and more important role, but they are inhibited because of the following reasons: the lag of the party’s construction in the social organizations; the lack of government management; the defects of social organizations’ development; the lack of public awareness, and social organizations’ national governance has not yet formed a highly efficient interactive cooperation mechanism. To improve the social organization in national governance, party committees should strengthen the party construction and play an active role in social organizations development; the government should improve the management system, optimize the relevant specific policies; social organizations should pay attention to the construction of their own ability; the public should enhance the recognition of social organizations. There should be a benign interaction mechanism between social organizations and other related subjects.

Keywords: Social Organization; National Governance; Path