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A Comparative Study of the Social Organisations of in-Migrants and the Indigenes of Kasoa, Ghana (Published)

The study investigated the social organisation of in-migrants and the indigenes of Kasoa in the Awutu-Senya East Municipality of Ghana within the context of Inter-Ethnic Relations Theory. The study adopted the cross-sectional descriptive survey design through the quantitative approach where a structured questionnaire was developed and distributed to collect data from 240 household respondents made up of 140 in-migrants and 100 natives through purposive sampling. With the aid of the version 22 of the Statistical Product for Service Solution, descriptive (frequency, percentage) and inferential statistics such as chi-square were used to analyse the data. The study findings revealed that the native respondents were not as open as the in-migrants to having ethnic friends. Besides, the study disclosed that in-migrant respondents were more actively engaged in trade associations than the natives. Again, the in-migrants were found to be more actively engaged in intra-tribal marriage. Based on the findings, the study recommended the establishment of more formal schools to socialise the in-migrants into the culture of the natives. Finally, the study recommended inter-tribal marriage and acceptance of members into trade associations as means of cultural adoption and assimilation

Keywords: Assimilation, Social organisation, cultural adoption, in-migrants, inter-ethnic friendship, inter-marriages, natives, trade associations