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Factors Affecting Secondary School Students’ Choice of High School in Tra Vinh Province, Viet Nam (Published)

This study aimed to investigate some main factors affecting secondary students’ choice of high school in Tra Vinh province. A group of 777 participants including 440 urban and 337 rural secondary students in Tra Vinh city and some districts of Tra Vinh province was selected to answer the questionnaire. The results from the questionnaire revealed that three groups of factors (educational environment, school distinction and personal conditions) had nearly equal overall mean scores and influenced students more than the three remaining factors (social network, extra activities and location-transportation) in choosing their high school. In addition, no significant difference was found between urban and rural secondary students in choosing their high school. Based on the findings above, some possible recommendations were suggested to the executive boards of high school, secondary school teachers and secondary school students in order to assist them in choosing their appropriate high school.

Citation: Thong N.H. and  Ngoc T.B.  (2022) Factors Affecting Secondary School Students’ Choice of High School in Tra Vinh Province, Viet Nam, European Journal of Educational and Development Psychology, Vol.10, No.3, pp.18-32

Keywords: Social Network, educational environment, extra activities and location-transportation, school distinction and personal conditions

Principal-Agent Relationship in Small-Scale Gold Mining (Published)

This work is the result of research on small-scale gold mining in Tatelu village, Northern Minahasa District, North Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. The objective of the study was to find out how the principal-agent relationship between the funders and miners in traditional gold mining and to show the difference in the principle-agent relationships in the mine with those theorized in economics. The results show that social networking is very important in the process of finding and recruiting miners because through the social network the donors get information about the quality of miners. The results also indicate that both the funders and the miners do not always pursue their own interests to the maximum so that no party is harmed. There is commitment and reciprocity from both sides to support each other. This can happen because mine work may pose a risk to the safety of miners and the failure to obtain enough gold to pay the miners and provide benefits to the funder. The research used qualitative research method and conducted in September-October 2017.

Keywords: Principal-Agent, Reciprocity-Commitment, Small-Scale Gold Mining, Social Network

Negative Impacts of Technology in Nigerian Society (Published)

Technology has been evolving since the foundation of the world, from the mastery of fire by man to supercomputers, the electronics and nuclear weapons of the twenty first century and the most recent includes the print, telephone and the internet. These recent technologies have improved communications on a global scale in various areas such as advanced economy, development of destructive weapons, unwanted by-products, and privacy encroachment. Questions have been raised on whether technology improves the society or worsens its existence. This paper investigated the opinion of people on the age range who mostly use modern technology about the negative effects of technology on Nigerian society. The study used questionnaire to gather data from students of higher institution in Rivers State. These students come from different states of the federation, thus making the sample representative of Nigerian society. It was discovered that the problem is technological addiction which leads to isolated generation, over reliance, and obsession. This paper argued that over usage of modern technology or inappropriate usage yields negative effects on the user and advised that users should be self-disciplined when using them.

Keywords: Addiction, Internet, Mobile Phone, Negative effect, Social Network, Technology