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Language And Culture Among The Yoruba: A Study Of Argot, Cant, Jargons And Slang As Forerunners Of The New Idioms And Idiomatic Expression In The 21st Century (Published)

Argot, Cant, Jargons and slang are phenomenal forerunners of the new idioms and idiomatic expressions in Yoruba. They are universal phenomenon and aspect of social language that cannot be underestimated in every sense of functional human society where language and culture are seen as natural, divine and systemic in the 21st century. This paper attempts to discuss the historical evolution, definition, denotative and connotative meanings of these sociolects especially in relation to the existence and emergence of the new idiom and idiomatic expression in Yoruba with a view to expunging their similarities and differencia specifica.

Keywords: Yoruba, forerunners., idiomatic expression, language and culture, social language