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Effects of Welfare on Employees Commitment in Public Service Organisation: A case study of NESREA South West Zone, Nigeria (Published)

The welfare of employees is a fundamental aspect of human resource management as it is vital to influencing commitment to the actualization of goal in both private and public service organizations. Literature reviewed showed that researches largely focus on private organizations. This study is on the effects of welfare on employee commitment in a public service organization with focus on the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA) South West Zone, Nigeria. The social exchange theory underpins this study. 154 sample size was drawn using stratified sampling technique and a structured five-point Likert rating scale questionnaire was administered to gather responses. The data gathered was analysed using E-Views statistical package. The survey and exploratory research design was largely adopted. The outcome of the study shows that even though there are spelt out welfare packages in Public Service Rule (PSR) for all Federal Civil Service workers in Nigeria’, employees of the NESREA South West Zone do not enjoy these privileges at the same time; at various times employee members have benefited. It was equally revealed that some welfare were denied members of the employees, but not sufficient to affect their commitment. Although, study further shows employees strongly agreed that welfare has significant effect on employees’ commitment. This paper recommends among others that to fully motivate and secure employees’ commitment in NESREA, welfare stipulated in PSR need to be duly implemented to drive genuine commitment, loyalty and honesty towards improved performance.

Keywords: Commitment, Employees, Public Service, social exchange and welfare provision