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The Effect of Entrepreneurial Passion and Entrepreneurial Outcome Expectations on Entrepreneurial Career Choice by Utilising the Social Cognitive Career Theory (SCCT) Amongst Students in Saudi Arabia (Published)

The main aim of this study is to study the mediating effect of entrepreneurial outcome expectations as one of the main constructs of the social cognitive career theory (SCCT) in the association between entrepreneurial passion and career choice amongst the technical colleges’ students in Saudi Arabia. The sample Data was collected from 750 students across nine technical colleges in Saudi Arabia. The hypothesis for this study were tested using a bootstrap approach which discloses numerous interesting results. First, the findings demonstrated that EPI has a significant positive relationship with ECC. Second, when EOEs is added as a mediator, it’s also revealed that EOEs have a significant partial complementary mediation influence on the relationship between EPI and ECC and indicates that EPI enhances ECC in Saudi Arabia.

Keywords: entrepreneurial career choice, entrepreneurial outcome expectations, entrepreneurial passion, social cognitive career theory