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Challenges of Single Mother in Raising Their Children in Bishoftu Town, Ethiopia (Published)

In fact, raising children is not simple task especially single mother is very challenging. Problems of a single mother are related with the rising of children and setting down in life. This study aims to show that the challenges of single mothers i.e. emotional, social and economic challenges. Samples of 8 single mothers were selected by snowball sampling technique. The researcher conducted a phenomenological research design to explore the experience of single mother through interviews. The results of the study revealed that financial problem was the main stressor for majority of the single mothers since they are unable to maintain medical facility and educational access. Most of the participants reported that they were challenged by emotional life, these results lonely, helpless, and irritable and aggression of emotion. In social gathering majority of single mothers had to weak participation in social activities. Most of the participants found in difficult to maintain discipline among the children due to absence of male counterpart. The mothers complained about loneliness, helplessness and aggression that result in difficult to manage a good childcare practice for their children. Therefore, single mother had challenges and not fully satisfied in raising their children. The researcher recommended that single mother should seek financial advice and professional help in case of emotional problem, and stakeholders should be establishing law and policy on labor supply.

Keywords: Emotional, Single-Parent, single mother, social and economic challenges