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Statistical Mediation Analysis Using the Sobel Test and Hayes SPSS Process Macro (Published)

This paper aims to focus on the emerging practical application of mediational analysis in social science research practice. Objectives: The paper introduces simple mediation analysis to social science researchers discusses two statistical methods used to examine the effect of mediating variables on the relationship between the independent and dependent variables. These are the Sobel test and bootstrapping using Hayes Process Macro. The paper (1) defines and discusses the purpose of mediation, (2) discusses conditions for mediation, (3) presents research questions examined by mediation, (4) outlines assumptions of mediation analysis, (5) presents computer programs used in mediation analysis, and (6) presents a detailed practical example illustrating how to conduct mediating analysis, read the results output, and write the results. Implications: The paper concludes with a discussion on the implications of mediation research for social science research and practice.

Keywords: Mediation, Sobel test, bootstrap, process macro