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Health and Safety Compliance Model For Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Contractors in Ghana (Published)

The construction industry in Ghana are dominated by the Small and Medium Sized (SMEs) contractors. A lot of accident that occurring are due to ineffective Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) practices of SMEs contractors. The purpose of the study was to develop Health and Safety (H&S) compliance model for the Ghanaian construction industry. The hypothesised integrated holistic H&S compliance model is presented in this paper based on an in-depth review of the previous models. The study adopted Delphi survey method to collect data from experts in the construction industry and academics through email. Experts were asked to rate the impact of other factors in predicting SMEs contractors compliance with H&S regulations.  The rating were based on either the impact was considered to be very high or high. Data collected were analysed using Microsoft EXCEL, spread-sheet software and final results are presented in tables and charts. Features with high degree of consensus are proper positioning of tasks and equipment, provision of training, insensitive to workers and sufficient lighting system for enclosed areas. Others are adhere to company safety policies, formulate H&S policy for construction activities, implementation of H&S policy by government representatives and monitoring of H&S policy implementation by the government representatives.

Keywords: Compliance Model, Health and Safety, Measurement Variables, SMEs Contractors.