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Evaluating the Implementation of the Android Applications on the Students of Phonetics Course in the English Department at TTU (Published)

This study aims at evaluating the students’ attitudes and perceptions on the implementation of the Android application “K&J English Pronunciation” as a learning tool in the teaching of Phonetics course in the English department at Tafila Technical University. It also focuses on investigating the students’ interaction and understanding of this application, the extent to which they use it in their learning, the obstacles they encounter in using it, and their suggestions and recommendations for a better use of this application in learning. Hence, the data was collected via a questionnaire distributed to the students of Phonetics course in the English department at TTU to evaluate their attitudes and interaction with this android application, the extent of their usage of this application, and the obstacles that halt their usage of it. The goal of this study is to shed light on the importance of integrating smart phone applications in the teaching of English courses at the English department at TTU, which will pave the way towards implementing more technological tools and applications in other courses in the English department in the future. The data analysis shows that the students’ attitudes, interaction, and the extent of their usage of this application are very high. Whereas the results show that the obstacles that the students encounter in implementing this application are very low. Finally, all the students of the course were strongly agreed that TTU University should work hard on arming the students with enough knowledge via holding seminars and workshops on how to use these android applications effectively, and on designing some useful applications to use in other courses in the future.

Keywords: Android Application, Phonetics, Smartphones, Students’ Attitudes, Usage


Smartphones importance increased day after day, in hence the market of this sector developed and becomes more powerful and lucrative. Smartphones considered as a digital oil as a description how smartphones market is powerful. Millions of devices produced by competitors with a wide range of options to face the high demand and satisfy the different needs .this paper aimed to explore the global market of smartphones and Iraq smartphones market in particular to make benchmarking to discover the gap. The result shows that Iraq market generally and smartphones market in particular unsaturated and needed to be developed by improving retails and stores, the market attractive and profitable this make it worth to be considered by companies to invest in it .

Keywords: Iraq Smartphone Market, Marketing, Smartphones