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Analysis of Small Scale Broiler Poultry Production in South East Nigeria, West Africa (Published)

Chiekezie, Njideka Rita ,  Nwankwo, Eucharia Chijindu, Ozor, Maurice U.(2022) Analysis of Small Scale Broiler Poultry Production in South East Nigeria, West Africa, International Journal of Animal and Livestock Production Research, Vol. 6, No.1, pp.1-16

Abstract: The study analyzed the small scale broiler poultry production in South East Nigeria, West Africa. Specifically, the study examined the socio-economic characteristics of the farmers, the cost and returns of the enterprise, influence of socio-economic characteristics on Net income and challenges to production in the study area. Primary data used for the study was collected using well-structured questionnaire which was administered to 405 sampled broiler poultry farmers in the study area. Descriptive statistical tools (frequencies, percentages and means), enterprise budgeting techniques (Gross margin, Net return on investment, Gross Ratio) and Multiple Regression Analysis were used to analyze the data. Profitability Index (PI) was N0.26 which means that for every naira earned as revenue, 0.26kobo was returned to the farmer as net income. An R2 of .7770 explains 77.7% of the variability of the dependent variable.  Four out of the ten parameters included in the model exerted statistic and significant influences on the amount of income realized. Major constraints to Broiler poultry production in the study area were high cost of feed, high cost of vaccines and high cost of day old chicks. Based on the study, the following recommendations are made; since broiler production is profitable, attention should be paid to the broiler farmers to ensure that best practices are adopted for sustainability in the agribusiness.

Keywords: Analysis, Broiler, South East Nigeria, West Africa, poultry production, small-scale

Cost and Returns Analysis of Small-Scale Cat Fish Farming in Isoko North Local Government Area, Delta State, Nigeria (Published)

The main objectives of the study was to estimate the cost and returns of small – scale cat fish farming in the study area. Data obtained with the aid of structural questionnaires were analyzed using descriptive statistics to describe the socio-economics characteristics of respondents and gross margins analysis model was used in estimation of cost and returns of small scale cat fish farming. Multi-stage sampling techniques were used in the random selection of small-scale cat fish farmers in the area of study. Small-scale cat fish farming is done on part-time basis and most respondents were in their productive mean age of 41 years with secondary level of education. Most households were headed by male and married households with average household size of 10 persons. Respondents have a gross margin and business net returns of N174,000 and N119,400 respectively, signifying that small-scale fish farming is profitable. The benefit cost ratio was 1.34 signifies that for every one naira invested, a profit of 34k (N0.34) was realized from its sales. The study recommends that Government should enact policies that will subsidized cat fish farmers’ inputs at affordable rate. It also recommends that fish farmers’ awareness campaign should be carried out.


Keywords: Cat fish, cost and returns, farming, small-scale