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Examining the Relative Effect of Marketing Infrastructure on the Performance of Small Scale Retailers (Published)

The main thrust of this study was to examine in relative terms the effect of marketing infrastructure on the overall business performance of small scale retailer in Akwa Ibom state. Using the relative effect index(REI) and a primary data obtained through a structured questionnaire administered to 104 selected small scale retailers in Akwa Ibom State, the study revealed the level of significance of all the variables relative to the performance of small scale retailers. Furthermore, the study revealed that marketing infrastructure has a very significant effect on the performance of small scale retailers with REI ranging from 4.25 to 4.52. Variables with just high effect had REI of 4.08 to 4.15. This implies that marketing infrastructure is in extricable related to survival, sustenance and growth of small scale retailers. Therefore, we recommend that marketing infrastructure should be made available and in good condition to boost the micro economic activities of the state.

Keywords: Marketing Infrastructure, Performance Effect, Small Scale Retailers