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Design and development of manual Textile chemical mixing and processing machine (Published)

The interest in producing Textile and related product has increased significantly in the last few years. The abundance in nature combined with the ease of Textile chemical processing was an attractive feature, which makes it an important income for the development of a given country. In Ethiopia there is large number of small scale woven and knitted fabric producers. During wet processing and chemical finishing, they used a stick to mix chemicals on a small mixing barrel. Mixing chemical using stick by hand will not give uniformly mixed chemical solution, it causes shade variation on treated material and it is time consuming. Nowadays there is different automatic Textile wet processing and chemical finishing machines, but they are expensive. Author Designed and developed manual chemical mixing and processing machine. The machine can be driven by using hand. The machine has a barrel with mixer. The mixer can be fixed and removed easily during Textile material chemical processing.

Keywords: Textile, chemical mixer, finishing, small scale enterprise., wet processing