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Romantic Poets Love Nature and Celebrate It in Different Aspects (Published)

This study shedding light on the nature of romanticism in English literature. This study shows the great impact of nature on English romantic poets. The movement of English romanticism has a great influence on English literature. So the study would like to show the role of the famous English romantic poets like SHELLY & KEATS, in adoring nature through poetry. It concluded that the English romantic poets who were influenced widely by nature have affected their literary product English poetry as well as adore nature and produce fantastic verses of poetry. It serves as a mirror which reflects all the humanistic activities in people social life. Their outlook on life, their ideas, emotions, and traditions. Poetry is one of the branches of English literature. It has been defined Wordsworth as the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings or the expression of imagination. Elfar (2010) mentioned according to Robert Frost, poetry is a rhythmical composition of words expressing an attitude, designed to surprise and delight and to arouse an emotional response (Kennedy, 1978:5), poetry is a rhythmical composition of words expressing an attitude designed to surprise and delight, and to arouse an emotional response.

Keywords: Nature, Romanticism, nightingale, skylark