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One Belt One Road Initiative: Asia Perspective (Published)

The inception of the One Belt One Road initiative and associated programs have attracted significant attention from around the world to the not just the Asian growth story in the new century but to the growing influence of China as an inductor of a new global world order. Amidst this, there is also a brewing discussion about the impact of these developments on India and the interplay between India and China in the following decades in the context of trade and geopolitics. The One Belt One Road initiative has been conceptualized as a new age institution that can effectively promote trade and development in the 21st Century, and the rise of Asian economies and the growth of China and India, among other nations, indicate an impending shift in the global power balance. This paper analyzes these developments from an Indian perspective in the context of Sino-Indian relations and the future of the Asian regional relations, and argues that for sustainable and harmonious development in the new century, India and China should enter their golden age of unrealized and unfulfilled cooperation.

Keywords: Asia, Economy, One Belt One Road, Regional Integration, Sino-Indian Relations