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The Effects of Single Parent on Academic Performance of Secondary School Students in Nigeria (Published)

This paper examines the effects of single parent on academic performance of secondary school students in Nigeria. Yet, it critical examination the challenges which the children of single parents encounter in secondary education. It also explain the causes of single parenting. Similarly, it stated clearly the effects of single parenting on academic achievement of secondary school students. Otherwise, it emphasis implication of single parenting on academic performance of their children in secondary education in Nigeria.

Keywords: Academic, Achievement, Implication, Secondary School, Single-Parent, Students, pterformance


This study investigated the effects of single parenthood on truant behaviour among secondary school students. The purpose of the study is to find out the influence of family pattern on truancy behaviour of secondary school students. A total number of two hundred and fifty (250) subjects were randomly sampled for the study. Schools were purposively selected to cater for mixed schools, boys and girls schools. A questionnaire was designed by the researchers to measure the effects of single-parenthood on truant behaviour of students. Independent t-test was used for analyzing the hypotheses. The result revealed a significant difference between truant adolescent students from single parent homes and those from intact parent homes. The second and the third hypotheses also revealed a significant difference between truant behaviour of adolescent male and female students from single parent homes and those from intact homes. With the results obtained, the conclusions drawn were that there is a difference between the truant behaviour of single parent students and intact parents students, and that differences existed between the male and female from the different family structures. Recommendations were made that students from single parenthood should be counselled on self-esteem and self- concept and as well marriage disagreement should be handled with love between the parents, instead of settling for divorce

Keywords: Family Structure, Parenthood, Single-Parent, Truancy