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It is noted that in Nigeria, buildings begin to demand for maintenance almost immediately after completion and handing over to users. As a single building belongs to several owners, corporate decision is required in maintaining it. The process of arriving at a workable decision remains a problem in the maintenance of such buildings due to protracted consultation and individual differences. This paper analytically investigates the frequency of maintenance of multi storey buildings compared with single owned building within the area Lagos, Nigeria. This paper examines these processes, the challenges and possible resolution for meeting point of ideas in order to sustain the commonwealth without jeopardizing the interest of any through a field survey. Structured questionnaire and non-participant case study were adopted in collecting quantitative and qualitative data. This study adopted quantitative analysis in form of tables to evaluate the attitude of respondents towards the maintenance of external surface of buildings vis-à-vis painting in the area. Three hundred and eighty four structured questionnaires were administered in six randomly selected Local Government Areas within the study area in April-May, 2012. The findings show that buildings that belong to single owners are better maintained than buildings that belong to multi-owners due to sense of ownership and ability to take decision on maintenance issues swiftly. Multi ownership system requires some level of enlightenment and thorough education in the area. The primary culture of the people in the selected area supports the compound system which multi ownership denies.

Keywords: Maintenance, Materials, Multi- Storey, Multi-Owner, Residential Building, Single Owner