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Supervised Learning Approach for Singer Identification in Sri Lankan Music (Published)

This paper describes a method of modeling the characteristics of a singing voice from polyphonic audio signals, in the context of Sri Lankan Music. The main problem in modeling the characteristics of a singing voice is the negative influences caused by accompaniment sounds. Hence the proposed method consists of a procedure to reduce the effect of accompaniment sound. It extracts the predominant melody frequencies of the music file and then resynthesize it. Melody is extracted only on the vocal-parts of the music file to achieve better accuracy. Features vectors are then extracted from the predominant melody frequencies, which are then subjected to supervised leaning approaches with different classifier, using Principal Component Analysis as feature selection algorithms. The models trained with 10-fold cross validation and different combinations of experiments are done to critically analyze the performance of the proposed method for Singer Identification.

Keywords: Music Information Retrival, Singer Identification, Singing Voice, Vocal Timbre Similarity, Voice