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Un Mediation On Kashmir Dispute: Past And Future (Published)

India and Pakistan’s dispute over the legal status of Kashmir is a longstanding conflict between the two countries which threatens the security of the entire region. This article provides critical analysis on the genesis of this conflict. The article is divided into sections for understanding the Pakistan India antagonism. These sections are, the partition of subcontinent, accession of Kashmir to India, UN interventions/mediations into this territorial dispute, and the Simla agreement. The article employs a qualitative research approach, therefore relying primarily on the analysis of published and written materials such as books, academic journals, magazines and newspapers. This article argues that although The Security Council attempted to use its mediatory influence at the early stages of the conflict but could not bring about a permanent resolution. After that a long period the bilateral negotiations have bore no results instead this protracted the conflict and has contributed to the deepening of mistrust between these two neighboring nuclear countries. The primary findings based on legal opinions of some experts suggest that the after the consistent failures of bilateral mediations between India and Pakistan for more than thirty years, the Security Council should reinsert itself as a mediator by understanding this failure and by reengaging India, which has become resistant in all these years to international mediation in Kashmir.

Keywords: Kashmir Dispute, Simla agreement, UN Resolutions., UN mediation