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Life Cycle Assessment of Silicon From Bagasse Ashes (Published)

Ashes of bagasse comes from the combustion of the bagasse used for steam boilers in sugar mills. Ashes of bagasse content valuable compound components that can be processed into silicon. Utilization of bagasse ashes into silicon can reduce the impact on the environment in addition to providing added value of bagasse ashes. The purpose of this study is to values analyze and environmental potential impacts as well as the potential impact sources of the silicon production process plan from the bagasse ash. The method used is a life cycle assessment of a 1 kg / hour silicone production process in the factory (cradle to gate) with a capacity plan of 10,000 tons / year. Analysis results of silicon life cycle assessment of bagasse ash using software simapro 8.1.16 PhD with single issue method of IPCC 2013 GWP 100a versi 1.01 gives the value contribution of CO2 emissions total for 103 kg CO2 equivalent/ hour, and North American TRACI.2.1.VI.03/Canada 2005 method that shows such the total effect to respiratory disorders for 1.62 kg PM2.5 equivalent/ hour, total carcinogenic cause is 8.8E-6 CTUh/hr, Total Eco-toxicity is 1.21E3 CUTe/hour and the smog is 7.96 kg O3 equivalent/hour. Based on the results of life cycle assessment analysis, it is vitally required efforts to reduce the potential value and impacts that arise.

Keywords: Bagasse Ashes, Life Cycle Assessment, Silicon