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Character Values in Short-Stories Collection Book by Qurrota Aini and Its Release as a Literature Reading Material in Elementary School (Published)

The government intensively implements character education because of the current condition of the young generation which is very concerning with the many cases of criminal acts committed by children. One effort that can be done to instill character education is through literary learning in schools. Schools need to provide quality reading material that contains character values. This study aims to find out the character values contained in the book collection of short stories by Qurrota Aini and their relevance as literature reading material in Elementary Schools. This research was a qualitative research with descriptive analysis. Data collection techniques used were library techniques, notes, interviews, and questionnaires. The data analysis technique used was interactive analysis proposed by Miles and Huberman. The instrument used to know the relevance of the collection of short stories by Qurrota Aini as reading material in elementary schools were by listing questionnaire questions and interviews. The speakers in the study were three elementary school teachers from SD Pahlawan Nasional Medan and thirty-three elementary school students. Based on the results of the study it can be concluded that there are thirteen character values contained in the two books of the collection of short stories by Qurrota Aini, namely religious values, honest values, disciplined values, hard work values, creative values, independent values, values of love for the country, values of respect for achievement, values friendly, peace-loving values, love reading values, social care values and values of responsibility. Based on the results of questionnaires and interviews with teachers and students, it can be said that the book collection of short stories by Qurrota Aini is very relevant for literary reading in elementary schools.

Keywords: Reading Material, Short Stories, character values

Cultural Values in the Antology of Short Story Sampan Zulaiha by Hasan Al-Banna and its Benefits as a Literary Reading Material in Senior High School (Published)

This study aims to find and analyze the cultural values contained in the anthology of short stories “Sampan Zulaiha” and serves to know its usefulness as a literary reading material in high school. This research is qualitative research by qualitative descriptive method. Approach used was done by literature sociology with the study of text. Data collection technique used was literature review technique. Instruments used to know its usefulness as a reading material is by writing tests, observations, and interviews. Resource persons in this study consisted of three Indonesian language teachers and sixty students in SMA Negeri 8 Medan. Based on the results of the research, it can be concluded that there are 98 cultural values¬† divided into five patterns of cultural values, namely 1) human relationship with God, 2) human relationship with nature, 3) human relationship with society, 4) human relationship with others, 5) human relationship with oneself. Based on the results of observations and interviews of cultural values in the anthology of Zulaiha, it is very useful to be used as a literary reading material in high school.

Keywords: Cultural Values, Literary Reading Materials, Short Stories

Developing EFL Learners’ Narrative Writing Through Using Short Stories- The Case of Al-Baha Universiy Students (Published)

The current study is intended to help enhance Saudi university students to develop writing narrative essays and promote story telling skills. The study attempts to explore the correlation between teaching short stories and improvement of the students’ narrative writing. The objective of this paper is to relate teaching short stories and its efficiency in improving EFL Learners’ narrative essay writing. Two selected short stories were used in this study as supporting material. 60 students have participated 30 students in the experimental group and 30 in the control group by adopting test retest method. Pre-test is used as a diagnostic test and post-test after student being taught the selected material. The researcher used SPSS to analyze the collected data. The analysis of the tests’ result shows that students have developed their narrative writing techniques. This indicates that using short stories in the EFL class room positively contributes to the progress of the students’ narrative writing

Keywords: Essay Writing, Narrative Writing, Short Stories, Storytelling, Teaching Literature