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Economic Enhancement of Rural Community of Pusa Block through Goat Rearing (Published)

Livestock plays an important role in Indian economy. About 20.5 million people depend upon livestock for their livelihood. In India, livestock production is largely in the hands of women. In fact animal husbandry is becoming feminized. Being the 5th largest goat population state, Bihar contributes about 7.63% of India’s total goat population. The state is also a habitat of 42.6% people below poverty line and hence there is a tremendous scope of goat farming to meet up the large gap between demand and supply of meat. Around 574000 goats are slaughtered annually in recognized slaughterhouses contributing 31.17% of total meat production of the state (175 thousand tons of meat in 2003). Objectives of the study are. To establish „1 HAMLET 1 GOAT FARM‟ model to commercialize the goat rearing for improving income level, To study and develop a grazing land solution to the goats to reduce the feeding cost, To enhance the Income level of minority and landless community of Pusa Block through Goat rearing. Keeping in view the objectives of study, a report on Focused group discussion is written in descriptive form with thorough observations of the discussion. The data collected through personal interview and survey which were further tabulated and statistically analyzed by the percentage analysis and graphical representation and the results were interpreted for conclusion.

Keywords: Livestock, SHG, economic enhancement., goat