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Sexual Objectification of the Woman’s Body- An Analysis of Selected Popular Benga Songs among the Luo Community, Kenya (Published)

In spite of the educative and entertaining role that songs perform in the society, it is important to note that songs are also deployed to circulate certain stereotypes and ideologies. This paper sought to identify the stereotypic objectification of women in society and man’s claims of sexual prowess. This was guided by an analysis of popular songs among the Luo community based on Benga Music. To guide this critical appraisal, the study employed purposive sampling technique to select appropriate songs by Okatch Biggy. The song artist, Okatch Biggy, is known as the Benga Guru of the 1990’s. The study was guided by Symbolic Interactionism and Liberal Feminist Theory. Song texts were collected in VHS, VCD and DVD formats from music stores. Data was transcribed, translated and analyzed through qualitative method. The study is expected to contribute to gender scholarships and provide information for non-governmental organizations, churches and the media to sensitize and censure stereotypical songs.

Keywords: Femininity, Masculinity, Misogyny, Objectification, Sexual prowess, Stereotype