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Case Studies of Sexual Risk Behavior and Alcoholism in Men Graduates of the State Of Mexico (Published)

The youth is the stage of life in which there are great biopsychosocial modifications and determines the form of conduct in the life according to these changes. These include the knowledge and skills for a sex life, which will allow for the consolidation of development biopsicosexual. Currently, the sexuality and reproductive health have gained relevance by the social impact that have occurred in the new generations, given the increase in sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies. The present study of three cases shows a reality of young academics and as these carried out sexual practices and the risk behaviors that is exposed, as the lack of use of contraceptive methods, sexual activity with multiple partners under the effect of alcohol. Risk sexual behaviors, in such cases, the young university students are the main actors; that, in the search of belonging, acceptance and recognition adopt a certain type of attitudes and models that society and the culture imposes between them experiencing: adrenaline, what exciting, together with the ingestion of alcoholic beverages which implies that young people minimize the consequences of sexual intercourse with penetration without protection, impacting on the first instance their physical health and so psychosexual to acquire an infection.

Keywords: Sexual Behaviors, Sexual Practices, Sexually Transmitted Infection