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Influences of parental guidance towards sex education among teenagers in Sama and Ilelema communities, Asari-toru Local Government Area, Rivers State, Nigeria (Published)

Sex is an important part of human life to which many people desperately seek answers, with its knowledge and attitude being very significant that humans are to seek it from any available source. However, most parents, even the educated ones and those in civilized climes find it difficult to discuss it with their children and wards. To this end, the later seek it from different sources, some of which may be detrimental to them. The study ascertained the influence of parents towards the sexual behavior of their teenage children. A cross-sectional aimed at measuring the influences of parental guidance towards sex education among teenagers in Sama and Ilelema communities, Asari-Toru Local Government Area of Rivers state. Data was analyzed using SPSS version 20 and the results presented as frequencies and percentages. The results revealed that about half of the respondents, 136(45.4%) are 17-19 years old, with the least, 71(23.6%) been 10-13 years. More females, 162(54.0%) participated, with most, 272(90.7%) been single while 28(9.3%) are married. Most, 253(84.3%) have secondary education and most are also students, 269(89.7%). Almost all the respondents, 294(98.0%) knew that sex education can reduce the problem of sexually transmitted diseases. 273(91.0%) agreed that correct information about sex education will prevent premarital sex, while 278(92.7%) agreed its early knowledge will not corrupt the children. 206(68.7%) have heard of sex education, with most hearing about it more than 6 times, 84(40.8%), of which 54(22.2%) heard it from peer groups/friends. About half, 167(55.7%) have had boy/girlfriend, with most of the former having between 1-3 boy/girlfriends. One hundred and seventeen (39.0%) have not had sexual intercourse, while 193(64.3%) waiting until they are married before having sex. Similarly, 247(82.3%) did not have pressure to have sex, with friends being most cause of pressure in 43(81.1%). 212(70.7%) are into serious relationship, with 66(22.0%) expecting the relationship to get to marriage. 92(82.9%) employed a means of preventing pregnancy during intercourse, of which 46(30.0%) and 33(35.9%) used condoms and withdrawal methods respectively. The respondents are aware of sex education and the effects of indulging in early sex, but peer groups/ friends pressure militate against their will to abide by tenets of safe sex. Vigorous enlightenments should be carried out by religious bodies, parents and other organizations, on the importance of sex education and the risks of early and unprotected sexual relationships. Sex education should, thus be given early to avoid children seeking information from peers, which may not be accurate. Doing this will give them a clearer perception and better future.

Keywords: Community, Pressure, Sex Education, indulgence, teenage


This study investigated into Junior Secondary School Social Studies Students perception on the study of sex education in Dekina Local Government Area of Kogi State. Two research questions were raised to guide the study. The study adopted descriptive survey research design. The population of the study consisted of all social studies students in 35 public and 6 registered private Junior Secondary Schools in Dekina LGA. Random sampling was used in selecting 497 students from the 1351 JSS iii Social Studies students from 16 sampled schools using purposive and proportional stratified sampling. The instrument for the study was a questionnaire which was designed by the researcher and validated by experts with a reliability coefficient of 0.98 before its administration. Based on the data obtained and analyzed using sampled mean, standard deviation and percentage, the study indicated that the students have positive perception and attitude towards sex education, and that the best person that they can discuss sex related issues with is their teacher. It was recommended among others that: (i) sex education teachers should teach comprehensive sex education without any element of prejudice to any aspect of the content, (ii) teachers should strive to create a friendly atmosphere with the students so that they can be properly guided on sex related issues.

Keywords: Dekina Local Government, Kogi State, Perception Of Students, Secondary School Social Studies, Sex Education