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Yaba College of Technology Library: Resources Utilisation for Effective Services Delivery to Users Community (Published)

The paper looked at Yaba College of Technology, library Lagos in the provision of information resources and services to students and staff of the institution.  Questionnaire was the  instrument use  for  gathering  data from   One hundred (100) respondents which  were randomly selected out of which eighty (80) were returned and found useful for the study. This research revealed  that majority of the respondents were aware of the existence of library  in the  school  but  do not  fully  utilized  it  because the information  resources  of the library  are  outdated   that  could not meet  information needs of user  due to the above constraints the respondents   look elsewhere  to get their  information  need  satisfied.  The study then gave some recommendations as a way forward to promote effective service delivery by the library to the target users. Amongst these is that there is a need to have a functional library with modern information resources (ICT) with qualified personnel with adequate skills essential for effective utilization of e- resources. In order to ensure that staff of the library is efficient in their daily services delivery library as essential information center should at least once in a year attend a skill acquisition programme relevant to their areas of operations.  In order for the library to play its role, especially in this Information age, it must be adequately funded by the government and other stakeholders. The failure of academic library like that of  Yaba College of Technology has been largely responsible for failure of Nigerian  academic institutions in   overall global rating of the academic institution in which Yaba College of technology is known as one of the foremost academic institutions  in the  world  assessment team  

Keywords: Availability, Information resources, Library, Utilization, services delivery

Reference Service Delivery and Users’ Satisfaction in Federal University Libraries in South-South, Nigeria (Published)

This study examined reference service delivery and users’ satisfaction in federal university libraries in South-South Nigeria. One objective, one research question and one hypothesis guided the study. Data for the study were obtained through questionnaire captioned ISDUSQ administered on 1,760 respondents which represented 10% of the entire population. The questionnaire was content and face validated. Pearson Product Moment Coefficient was adopted as the analytical tool for the study. The null hypothesis was rejected and the alternate accepted. The findings revealed that there exist a significant relationship between reference services delivery and users’ satisfaction in Federal University Libraries in South-South Nigeria. The findings further revealed that users were satisfied with the reference services. From the findings of the study it was concluded that satisfaction with reference service depends on its delivery and adequate delivery of information service enhances satisfaction. Based on the findings of the study, it is recommended among others that more effort and finances should be made by the parent institutions of these academic libraries in maintaining or superseding the current delivery of reference service in their libraries as this is what users’ desire in their libraries.

Keywords: Reference, Satisfaction, Users, services delivery