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Effectiveness of Service Innovation, Where Service Failure is an Imperative Issue for a Small Food-Service Brand: Case Study Approach (Published)

This article confers regarding effectiveness of service innovation in a small restaurant environment; where, the subject of repeated incidences of service failure is a common issue. Moreover, inadequately designed recovery actions putted the final nail in the coffin. For in-depth understanding of the exacting instance surround by real-life situation a single case study approach was adopted. A restaurant namely ‘Chittagong Express’ was considered for the in- depth study. This conscientious study is qualitative in nature; required data were collected in through of in-depth interviews, from the duo sides; management in the one side and customers on the other. The major findings from study confirmed that the food service brand is facing additional challenges to shield its brand image. Furthermore, post failure negative consequences, i.e. less repurchasing intention of the customers, less trust and customer loyalty towards the brand, negative post recovery emotions and discomfort were found in this case. Primarily, the efforts vis-à-vis the service innovation was incredibly appreciated by the customers, nonetheless, myopic visualization with reference to the appropriate customer satisfaction can be marked as the main reason of the predicament.

Keywords: Customer Satisfaction, Service Failure, Service Innovation, Service Recovery, ‘Chittagong Express’

Service Innovation and Competitive Advantage (Published)

Service Innovation suggests how the concept of service can be improved which is already in practice. This can be either refined competence in customer relations, channel of distribution or innovation in technology or it can be combination of all three. Investing in the development of both physical and non-physical components of products and services available for sale can lead to enhanced business prospects, ultimately ensuring success.

This paper attempts to indentify core ingredients of service innovation and their impact on Online B2B industry in attaining competitive advantage with a resource based view. The difference found in organizational performance in the context of Online Business can be partially explained by Information Technology, Human Resource Management, Research & Development and strategic alliances practices and policies.

Furthermore, the research also attempts to establish how proper implementation of Human Resource Management practices, experienced adoption of Information Technology and IT-enabled services, well connected and inform Research and development can all together render greater service innovation opportunities whereas strategic alliance is the mediocre variable which requires lots of efforts to impact positively on service innovation.


Keywords: Competitive Advantage, Development, Human Resources, Information Technology, Research, Service Innovation, Strategic Alliances