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Service Design for Policymaking: Challenges for Delivering Value and Experience to Citizens (Published)

This theoretical paper aims to discuss and argue the design approach roles and challenges in the public sector to deliver value and experiences of public services to citizens. This technique seeks to approach government and civil servants, who design and plan public policies, to the citizens who receive them in services. Service design encourages governments to shift from ‘designing from the inside out’ to ‘designing from the outside in’. The service design approach tries to balance the desired changes of a government with the desires of the citizens to achieve two goals: (i) decreasing inconsistency of services; and (ii) increasing results in terms of service value and experience for citizens. However, for deploying an agile methodology as service design, governments and civil servants must overcome bureaucratic processes, regulations and lack of skills in innovation practices to reach the citizens’ needs.

Keywords: Experience, Government, Public Services, Service design, value creation