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Influence of Digital Technology on Printing Technology: A Survey on Screen Printing In Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria (Published)

Screen printing is one of the most reliable printing methods practiced in Nigeria despite the emergence of new approaches to printing. The paper examined the extent of practice of screen printing among screen printers in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria, in relation to the adoption of digital technology in the printing profession. Questionnaires and interviews were employed as tools to elicit relevant information from the screen printers on the extent on practice of screen printing in the study area. The results revealed that the prevalent digital technological tools adopted in printing are Direct Image printing machine, Large Format printing machine, and the Flex cutting machine. Findings also identified that the practice of screen printing has been influenced by digital technology in the areas of printing quality, costing and billings, and enrolment for apprenticeship. The research further revealed that screen printing is well practiced despite digital technological advancements in the printing industry.

Keywords: Akure, Digital Technology, digital printing, screen printing, serigraphy