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Investigation of Anaerobic Processes in Septic Tank as a Wastewater Treatment Option (Published)

This study aims to find out the anaerobic processes in septic tank as a wastewater treatment plant. Samples were collected from both a septic tank and soakaway pit. Thus, after the collection of samples from the location, waste water analysis was conducted on the two water samples A and B respectively. The results obtained on the water samples showed that sample A under physical analysis using thermometer, pH meter, conductivity meter etc, has a higher physical characteristics value according to table 4.1, than that of sample B. more also from the chemical analysis seen in table 4.1 sample A has a higher BOD, COD and DO values more than that of sample B. Therefore this suggests that biological treatment processes was efficient in that septic tank and as such waste water discharged to the environment, will be harmless to the inhabitants in that environment.

Keywords: Anaerobic, Septic Tank, Sewage, Treatment.