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Comparative Study of the Administrative Process of Public and Private Senior Secondary Schools in Bauchi State (Published)

The study is investigating “Comparative Study of the Administrative Process of Public and Private Senior Secondary Schools in Bauchi State’’. The aim of the study was to compare the extent of coverage of the administrative process in senior secondary school between privately owned schools (private schools) and Government owned schools (public schools) in Bauchi State. It was designed to survey the administrative process in line with UNESCO (1985) six administrative processes propounded by Henri Fayol called Fayolism or theory of administration, for the school administrators. Six research questions guided the study; while six hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance. This study adopted the Descriptive Survey Design, Cronbach Alpha coefficient reliability of 0.80 estimated as the consistency reliability of the questionnaire. A 36 item questionnaire was used to extract information from 171 respondents, made up of 105 principals, 31 administrative officer and 35 senior teachers, which constituted the sample. Data was analysed using Mean and T-test as statistical tools. Result of the study revealed that (i) the grand mean LE=4.045 of the planning process of public and private schools has no significant difference (ii) the organizing process of public and private schools with a grand mean of LE=3.605, (iii) there is no significant difference in the staffing process of public and private senior secondary schools, though the administrative process of staffing receives the least attention in the administrative processes with a grand mean of a ME=3.375;(iv) the directing process has a grand mean LE=3.5;(v) the coordinating process LE=3.61;(vi) while the evaluating process was at a grand mean of LE=3.84. contrary to previous assumption, the null hypothesis which was accepted and alternative was rejected showing to a large extent, secondary school administrators in Bauchi carry out administrative processes in line with known practices and are similar to both public and private schools; It was recommended among others that: school administrators should seek to improve on their administrative processes; and administrators of public schools and private schools should accept one another, there should be more emphasis on the staffing in schools.

Keywords: Bauchi state, Comparative study, Private, Senior Secondary Schools, administrative process, public


The purpose of this study was to investigate teacher morale in the Ghanaian situation. The main issue was to examine factors that influence teacher morale and attitude to work in selected senior secondary schools in the Cape Coast municipality and also determine whether significant differences exist between morale of teachers in single sex schools and co-educational schools.The study population was made up of teachers in public senior secondary schools in the Cape Coast municipality. A combination of purposive and simple random sampling techniques was employed to select a total of 100 respondents in five selected senior secondary schools. The main research instrument used for collecting data was the questionnaire.The Statistical Product and Service Solution (SPSS) was used to derive the frequencies, means and the independent‘t’ test.The result of the study indicated that teacher salary and conditions of service is the factor that received very low mean score depicting that it is unsatisfactory. Satisfaction with teaching was the factor that best predicted teacher morale. As regards teacher morale and attitude of teachers to work, school facilities and student behavior made unique significant contribution. Concerning teacher morale and type of school, the t-test revealed that students’ behavior, school facilities and satisfaction with teaching are the factors that showed significant differences in single sex school as against co-educational schools.

Keywords: Attitude to work, Morale, Salary and Conditions of Service, School Facilities, Senior Secondary Schools, Teacher