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The Teaching of ‘Modular Arithmetic’ in Senior Secondary Mathematics Curriculum for Contribution to Sustainable Millennium Development Goals (Published)

This paper observes that Modular Arithmetic is listed in the Senior Secondary Education Curriculum for Mathematics (2007) without content description that would guide teachers as it is the case with other topics in the curriculum. It could not be ascertained whether the omission of this valuable topic to daily activities of man in society was deliberate or otherwise. This paper sorts the opinion of in-service mathematics teachers as to what the content of ‘Modular Arithmetic’ should be.  Data were gathered using a researcher made instrument titled Content of Modular Arithmetic Questionnaire (COMAQ). Eight probable sub topics of modular arithmetic were listed on the instrument. The sample size was 30. The analysis of COMAQ was carried out using simple frequency count and percentage. Results showed that four out of the eight listed sub topics on the questionnaire were unanimously accepted as a good description of modular arithmetic. The paper consequently recommended that the four sub topics be included in the SSECM to complement achievement of Sustainable Millennium Development Goals (SMDGs).

Keywords: Curriculum, Millennium Development Goals, Modular Arithmetic, Senior Secondary Mathematics