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Appraising the Sendai Framework: Place of Women in Disaster Risk Mitigation (Published)

Natural disasters pose significant threats globally, and to manage it, a disaster reduction policy was enacted in 2015 establishing the Sendai Framework of Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR). Since statistics from several accounts indicate that women are disproportionately affected by disaster events, their contributions should ideally be integrated in disaster management processes for the generation of sustainable outcomes. To enthrone this philosophy in practice, the study examined SFDRR’s recognition of women in such projects. Content analysis of all 50 Articles and 4 Priorities for Action within the Framework was conducted. Findings showed that women are recognized as core partners and worthy leaders in disaster risk mitigation. It was concluded that the SFDRR established grounds for building disaster resilience through acknowledgement of women as vital stakeholders in disaster risk governance, and provided research agenda for further studies on the extent to which nations in the global south adopt and implement the policy.

Keywords: Framework, Sustainable Development, disaster risk reduction, disaster vulnerable groups, gender stereotypes, sendai