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A Study of the Yoruba Traditional Marriage as a Rite of Passage (Published)

This study observes marriage as a rite of passage and identifies the symbolic communicative elements deployed in the Yoruba traditional marriage processes to ease the transition of a bride from one status to another. It particularly examines the signification of its linguistic elements as transition vehicle that convey the bride through the pre liminal, liminal and post liminal stages of her rite of passage. The study adopts qualitative research technique to critically analyse and interpret the linguistic (lexical/verbal words, phrases, and sentences) and non-linguistics (non-verbal pictorials, facial expressions, emotions) elements in the music drama deployed as semiotics resources in this work from the social and cultural semiotics perspectives. The study concludes that the identified linguistic and non-linguistic elements of the drama music used as data in this work are the Yoruba semiotics resources, which their imports give physical and psychological strength to a bride, in the marriage’s rite of passage.

Citation: Memunat Olayemi Mahmud (2022) A Study of the Yoruba Traditional Marriage as a Rite of Passage, International Journal of African Society, Cultures and Traditions, Vol.10, No.1, pp.40-52


Keywords: Ritual, Semiotics, Transition, Yoruba traditional marriage, linguistic/non-linguistic, rite of passage, signification

The Study of Semiotics in Cinta Di Dalam Gelas Novel by Andrea Hirata as Literature Reading Material in Senior High Schools (Published)

This study aims to know the study of semiotics contained in the novel Cinta di Dalam Gelas by Andrea Hirata and their usefulness as literature reading material in high school. The approach used was the study of text. The research method used was a qualitative descriptive method. The data of this research was Cinta di Dalam Gelas novel by Andrea Hirata. Data collection technique used was library techniques by describing literary studies based on semiotics developed by philosopher Charles Sanders Pierce. The study included icons, indices, and symbols contained in the novel. Based on the results of research that has been done, there was a study of semiotics with details of 22 icons, 21 indices, and 7 symbols contained in Cinta di Dalam Gelas by Andrea Hirata. The icons contained in the novel included religious icons, cultural icons, 2 traditional transportation icons, 2 lifestyle icons, social game icons, distinctive drink icons, social worker icons, residential icons as social markers, infrastructure icons, educational icons, communication icons, traditional market icons, detective icons, and 7 metaphoric icons. Based on the results of interviews with two teachers, it was concluded that the teacher appreciated the presence of reading materials as literature reading material in high school as a companion to the student handbook. The results of the questionnaire on students concluded that 82% of students responded positively to the category of strongly agree and agree with the existence of literary books as a companion to their handbook. So, it can be said that the study of semiotics of the novel Cinta di Dalam Gelas by Andrea Hirata is very useful as a literature reading material in high school.

Keywords: Semiotics, Usefulness, novel