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Entrepreneurship Competency Possessed by Office Technology and Management (OTM) Graduates for Self-Reliance (Published)

This study was carried out to determine the entrepreneurship competencies possessed by office technology and management for self-reliant in delta state. Two research questions guided the study with two null hypotheses which were tested at 0.05 level of significance. The study adopted a descriptive survey research design. The population of the study comprised all the office technology and management lectures in the three polytechnics in delta state, Nigeria. Due to the small size the entire population was used for the study. Cronbach Alpha method was used to determine the reliability of the items and a coefficient of 0.75 was obtained. The mean and standard deviation were used to analyse data relative to the research questions and equally determine the homogeneity of the respondent’s means. The t-test statistical tool was used to test the null hypotheses. Findings of the study revealed that entrepreneurial competencies and information and communication (ICT). Competencies are pre-requisite for graduate of office technology and management (OTM) programme for self-reliant and employability in delta state. It was recommended among others that office technology and management (OTM) educators should ensure that graduates of office technology and management (OTM) are highly exposed to different entrepreneurial competencies for self-employment and employability. Government should endeavour to encourage entrepreneurship by introducing element of entrepreneurship at all level of the educational system. Lastly management of the polytechnics should endeavour to equip office technology and management (OTM) department with the relevant facilities and equipment required for quality entrepreneurship competencies for the achievement of office technology and management (OTM) goals.

Keywords: entrepreneurship competencies, office technology and management, self-reliant