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Effective Distribution Management, a Pre-Requisite for Retail Operations: A Case of Poku Trading (Published)

Distribution plays a key role within the marketing mix, and the key to success is its successful integration within the mix, ensuring that customers get their products at the right place and at the right time. If the product cannot reach its chosen destination at the appropriate time, then it can erode competitive advantage and customer retention. The purpose of this paper is to explore the best distribution strategy and other factors that help the organization meet customer expectations in respect of delivery and service promises the organization might make. The paper was qualitative and empirical data were collected through questionnaire and in-depth interview. SPSS was used in analyzing the data gathered from the sample (105 respondents). The study revealed that the best distribution strategy depends on the target market and the operational environment. It also indicated that the emergence and explosion of the internet and other information communication technologies has greatly affected distribution. The study concludes that effective distribution requires a high degree of management skill, synchronization and integration with the overall organization, as it will be one of the major components in achieving a sustainable competitive advantage

Keywords: Distribution Channel, Exclusive, Intensive, Manufacturer, Selective, Strategy