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On The Taxonomy of Cactaceae Juss by the Evidence of Seed Micromorphology and Sds-Page Analysis (Published)

Numerical classification of 16 taxa of Cactaceae was studied using combination of micromorphological characters of seeds (using L.M and SEM) and SDS-PAGE analysis. Aspects of seed micromorphology and seed protein variation as defined were recorded and scored comparatively for the OTU’s into a data matrix. Phenetic relationships of these taxa were established based on UPGMA-clustering method by using Jaccard coefficient of the NTSYS-pc 2.2 program. The results were compatible with the traditional relationships of some taxa as the split-off of Opuntia humifusa and Astrophytum myriostigma, at separate lines, these results are compatible with their placement in tribes Opuntieae (subfamily Opuntioideae) and Cacteae (Subfamily cactoideae) respectively, at the time, the placement of three taxa Pseudorhipsalis ramulosa, Rhipsalis baccifera Accession 1, and Rhipsalis baccifera Accession 2 together, the clustering of Hylocereus triangularis and Neobuxbaumia euphorbioides together at a unique tribe Phyllocacteae. The findings contradict in a number of cases the traditional studies, as the grouping of Trichocereus vasquezii with the two represents of genus Parodia despite of their placement in different tribes.

Keywords: Cactaceae, SDS-PAGE, SEM, Seed micromorpgology