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Energy Security, China’s Strategy: A Guide for Nigeria (Published)

Energy Security has returned to the top of the international agenda in ways not seen since the oil embargoes of the 1970s. Energy security has emerged as a major object of the energy policy agenda and policy makers have engaged in a wide ranging debate over how best to address future energy requirements. Industrial powers like the United States are willing to devote considerable military, political, diplomatic, and economic means to access energy resources around the world. But they are no longer alone in this endeavour. Increasingly, industrializing states like China and India are willing to devote comparable resources to secure sufficient energy supplies to sustain their fast growing economy. In this work – Energy Security, China’s Strategy: a Guide for Nigeria, using a secondary data in a qualitative analysis has undertaken a comprehensive review of Energy security, looking at the global quest for energy, China’s energy security strategy, energy security from Nigeria’s perspective and the examples that the strategy can provide for Nigeria. We have identified three key areas of china’s strategy which equally provides lessons for Nigeria i.e. China has a credible and an efficient energy policy in place, Self-reliance and self-sufficiency in oil and other resources which they took great pride in, that could take care of their domestic needs and establishment of strategic oil reserves.

Keywords: China, Nigeria, Policy, energy security, energy security strategy, security of supply.